Untitled poem

By George Sterling

Untitled poem written for Charmain London in the front of 'The Caged Eagle"

"High on Sonoma Mountain
The poison-oak is red;
Along the colored vineyards
The quail's shy brood is led;
Past the delivered orchards
And round the hawk's green hold,
The spendthrift maples squander
The year's unhoarded gold;
Low o'er this land of Beauty
Robed in her royal stains
The swallow dip, forecasting
November and the rains.
By all that makes you charming,
By all that makes you dear,
Sweet lady of the manor,
Long be your loving here!"

As quoted in "George Sterling—As I Knew Him" in the Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine, March 1927, Vol LXXXV, No 3, pg 0003.

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