Untitled Poem for G. von T.

By George Sterling

                                                 Jack London
                                                 Glenn Ellen
                                                 Sonoma Co, Cal.

To G von T.

Beauty like thine is rapture to the eyes
     And sorrow in the heart.
          "Depart! Depart!
For she is not for thee" my spirit cries.
The gods that guard their secret evermore
     Shape thus when they are glad.
          Tho men are sad,
Yet must they see, and seeing thee, adore.
Strange girl, the gods have made thy love-
     Part of their mystery.
          I go from thee
With dreams my very heart cannot confess,
As one who in the mirror of a pond
     Beholds the evening star,
          And knows how far
It's high reality's throned beyond.

August 1916.
Unpublished Poem in the private collection of Carl Rozycki. Used with permission.

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