The Shadow of Nirvana

By George Sterling

Hast ever wakened when the dark was deep,
    Nor known thyself, nor where thou wast, nor why?
    Unquestioned then the drowsy soul may lie,
Somewhere between reality and sleep,
Nor feel the tides of Time and matter sweep—
    Held for a little from the clamorous "I",—
    Pure being, freed of memory and its sigh,
Too far in utter peace to smile or weep.

'Tis but a moment's freedom: soon the mind
    Hears the recalling bugle, and the brow
Harbors the old illusion; soon the Wind
        Is on the dust delivered unto dream,
    And I am I again, and Thou art Thou,
        Who then were one in a diviner Scheme.

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