The Path to Paradise

By George Sterling

Of all that tapestry which is the past,
    Sweet, I would change no slightest hue nor thread;
    For little tho the change, my feet were led
Thereby to altars other than thou hast.
Ah God! how small a step, and I, outcast,
    Had never seen the rays of splendor shed
    From Love's uplifted and refulgent head,
Nor stood within thy spirit's light at last.

And so there is no pain I do not bless,
    Nor any hunger thou dost not suffice;
Nor would I have life's scheme one woe the less,
        Since such have led from nothingness to thee,
    Whom lacking, I had won not Paradise,
        Nor evermore Love's all and ecstasy.

San Francisco.

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