Star of the Soul

By George Sterling

O Life! thy vast and isolating sea!
        A shadow, to and fro
        On tides of change I go,
Craving her star, the sole reality.

Her star is of the morning. Far away
        Its lonely splendor drifts.
        Kneeling, my soul uplifts
Sad eyes that watch the portals of the day.

Her star is of the impenetrable noon.
        Unseen, my sprit's crown,
        Its glory trembles down,
Departing on the pathway of the moon.

Her star is evening's, and the day hath flown.
        O consecrating light,
        I wait with thee the night!
Lonely thine altar—and I wait alone.

Her star is of the midnight and my tears.
        Lo! with effulgent heart
        I watch that orb apart,
A flame above unfathomable years.

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