One Day

By George Sterling

From the eternal mountains the sun
   comes splendid.
    The veils of night are rended,
    And the immortal sun
    Beholds man's toil begun.
Lever and axe await him, wheel and
    His hand is on the plow.

On the mid blue of day the sun stands
    The eternal heavens ascended.
    Man girds him ending soon
    The fleeting truce of noon.
The dust goes up. The labor of his
    Is great in all the lands.

To the eternal sea the sun goes
    The toil of man is ended.
    He turns him, to his food:
    He knows that rest is good,
Having won love, and slumber in the
    And faith that all is right.

"Written for The Christian Science Monitor" George Sterling, Christian Science Monitor, March 25th, 1922, pg 23.

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