By George Sterling

Now thank I God that after all the years
I see the face of which I dreamed so long—
See, tho I gaze through sealed, ungiven tears,
The noble beauty exquisite and strong.

Oh! well I know that some time and somehow
Mine eyes should find the star my soul conceived!
Fall now its light on my rewarded brow,
And I am happy that my heart believed.

Set westward, as all stars at last shall set,
But I am on my knees before thy flame,
And I have seen what heart shall not forget,
And life no more can ever be the same.

When one shall come, the youthful and the fair,
Know that I saw with clearer eyes than youth,
Finding a mystery he cannot share,
And seeing past all sight thy beauty's truth.

Youth goes. The laughter and the lure depart.
Listen again, before the sunset dies:
"Beautiful to have known thee, lovely heart!
Beautiful to have seen you, heavenly eyes!"

George Sterling

To G. von T.

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Dear Miss von Tempsky:
Please remember me, if only once a month!

George Sterling

San Francisco,
August 29th, 1916

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