Ballad of the Seeker

By George Sterling

John o' Dreams fled North, fled North,
  Led by a certain star,
Till he came to peaks that he could not
  So cold and high they are.

John o' Dreams fled East, fled East,
  Till he came to the tomb of kings;
But all he heard was the tiger's cough,
  And sough of the vulture's wings.

John o' Dreams fled South, fled South,
  Till he saw strange orchids flare.
Shadows and music filled the night,
  But they led not anywhere.

John o' Dreams fled West, fled West,
  Till an ocean barred his way.
The word of the surf was great in his heart
  But its meaning none could say.

Beneath, above, he could not go,
  And there he dreamt was a goal.
"Let him alone!" the Sybil said.
"The man explores his soul."

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