A Song of Friendship

By George Sterling

From "Lilith"

From earth s horizon, dim and wide,
    The strainéd moon swings free.
Castor and Pollux, side by side,
    Go downward to the sea.

Thy good sword to my need, O friend!
    And my strong shield to thine.
How bright, before the darkness end,
    The star-companions shine!

Two hearts may greatly dare the West,
    Where one might know dismay,—
Two barks join surely in the Quest,
    Where one might miss the way.

Face thou with me the immortal sun,
    And counsel me by night!
In wassail and the deed well done
    We two shall fare aright.

Ever wast thou the clean, blue blade,
    The comrade of the skies,
The heart's, the hand's abiding aid,
    With truth in heart and eyes.

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