"With the Strength of Dreams"

By George Sterling

I saw the Lesbian Sappho bowed in light
    Before the sapphire altar of the sea—
    Song-swept, a lyre on which in threnody
Th' ascendant tremors of her spirit's might
Thrilled chord on chord to music. In my flight
    From dream to dream, I paused; I wept while she
    Sang till I saw the western glory flee,
A molten pearl , one with the wine of night.

I know not if the blossom of their day,
    In Paradise, be blesses with fairer fruit;
If deeper ecstasies of music may,
    Dying or latent, fill their fancied lute,
Or happier tear-drops find the olden way,
    Ere yet the twilight seraphim be mute.

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