"Caeli Enarrant"

By George Sterling

Oh I marvellous the skies
        Ere sunset close
    Its rich, enormous rose,
        Or dawn, too late,
    Seem a supernal gate
That opens into midmost Paradise !

And yet more fair and strange
        The silent dome
    Of midnight's vigilled home,
        Where star and star
    The silent sentries arc
Of ramparts built beyond the reach of change.

A thousand years from hence
        Could I again
    Within the House of Pain
        Stand forth and see,
    Their solemn legionry
Were stationed in the Vast's circumference.

In governed ranks unstirred
        Shall they abide,
    In panoply and pride
        Of guarding flame—
    The watchword still the same
And changeless still their battle-song unheard.

But man flow changed, I dream!
        At last, at last,
    Made wiser by the past,
        Shall not he cease
    From deeds that mar his peace,
And human Brotherhood be found supreme?

Shall not the nations laugh,
        And in their joy
    War's crimson fane destroy,
        And love assoil
    The darker stains of toil-
Burning dead laws and sophistries like chaff ?

Oh! by the years made wise,
        Joy man forego
    Joy from his brother's woe,
        Till o'er the mirth
    Of our transfigured earth
The stars shall beam as once o'er Paradise !

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