To George Sterling (6)

By Andrew Dewing

His song shall waken the dull-sleeping throng,
  That dreams of sullen and of earth-bound things;
  He soars with Beauty where the eternal sings,
And the Deep's insuperable chants prolong
The everlasting sovereignties of Song;
  Where caverned thunder from the mountains flings
  Its dirge o'er dust of crumbled thrones and kings,
He stands defiant of Oblivion's wrong.

Yet ampler Liberty, divine and strange,
  Lifts in the song of his Promethean lyre,
    An echo of lost Time's immortal ones;
The tangled webs of mortal death and change
  Perish before his chanting lyric fire,
    Caught in the paling light of sinking suns.

The Lantern, December 1917, Pg 276.