The Joyous Giver

By Louise Lord Coleman

He would not heed our call.
Shrouded in night he went,
Down to the deep-flowing Lethe
With Lilith at his breast.
With earth warm on his outspread palms
And starlight in his eyes,
He quietly chose a way apart.
....And men mumble, "He died."

He lives in joyousness,
He lives in love and wine.
Life's reckless lover gave
Himself to all who sought
The path he trod
Toward beauty and toward light.
His name is passed
On youth's red lips to-day,
"Unasked, he helped the nameless ones,
And said no seeker nay."

Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine, November 1927, Volume LXXXV, Number 11, pg 339.