The Greek

By Will Irwin

He had the body of Mercury and the face of Dante. These externals expressed the inner character of the man. The gay lightsomeness of the Greek god and the tragic intensity of the Italian seer struggled his whole life long in his soul. The Mercury in him engendered that poetry which reflected the Greek side of his beloved California; the Dante stirred ip that spiritual travail which ended in his tragic death. Mercury produced his lovely lyrics; Dante his mystic, majestic "Testimony of the Suns." Life presented itself to him as an extraordinarily fantastic story of which he must read and understand every phrase. Through strange adventures of the mind and vivid experiences of the soul, he followed it until it neared its end. Then as though tiring suddenly of its chaotic scheme, its blind contradictions, he suddenly closed the book.

From Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine (1868-1935); Dec 1927; Vol LXXXV, NUMBER 12; PG 368.