George Sterling (6)

By Witter Bynner

Once, when no war had caused companion souls
To sicken, parching for new happiness,
A poet at Carmel, where the great sea rolls
Its warning at the shore, was sad no less
Laugh though he might at the ways of man. Perhaps
Where nature is too beautiful, man's height
Lessons as nothing. The ocean's thunderclaps
Have too much meaning for a poet at night.
Often he would take up an ocean-spear
And, stripping naked, poise against the sky, —
Dart over barnacled rocks, and reappear
Bringing an abalone caught while the high
Surf waited. But even then, he would as life
Have let those waves cover his agelong grief.

Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine, November 1927, Volume LXXXV, Number 11, Pg. 332.