George Sterling (5)

By Dorothy Tyrrel

Oh still and silent sky, awake—
  To voice the song he found in thee!
And thou-unceasing storm-tossed sea,
Abide awhile, for memory's sake!
Awake oh wind, and lend thy voice
  To the sea and sky, remembering
  He knew thy way. And sing—oh sing—
He loved thy songs—oh wind, rejoice!

When twilight falls from the deepening sky
  And the sea-fog hides its mystery,
When the sea-gulls out of the fog shall fly,
  And the rain slants in from the sea—
Like the sound of a harp or a viol's sigh
  We shall hear his voice eternally!

Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine, March 1927, Volume LXXXV, Number 3, pg 82.