Cry Hark!

By Hildegarde Flanner

I have heard the wild slow horns of morning blowing on a hill,
I have heard the drums of dawn call up the slumbering light,
I have seen the amber East leap up erect  and shining.
When night the lover turns from whispering and the bride escapes,
Up, up between the stars she lay upon
I have seen the dawn.

I have seen the pillar of full noon standing on the world,
I have seen tall mid-day tower into the sky
And the meridian shadow cling beneath the rose,
There, there, where Time and Timeless half an instant face to face,
I have seen, higher and higher,
Noon mounting to her golden spire.
I have seen, superb and bright,
Noon standing on her golden height.

Come slowly, yellow twilight, fill the hollow sky,
Till muted radiance of dusk possesses earth—
Oh, loose the vesper-moth to flutter in a bush!
Soft, soft the mellow kiss, the stealing arms of night
That draw the shadows to the mountain's breast
And lay the light to rest.

Drive home the soul into the heart, the light into the spirit,
Rouse , arouse us, dawn and noon! twilight and night, let us not slumber!
Cry hark! the unsleeping nightingale!
Cry hark! the burning of the choral stars!
Cry hark! the implacable feet of Time, pacing around the world!

Until our song upon the dust is fallen stark
And we lie down beside it in the dark, Cry hark!

Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine, LXXXV, Number 12, Pg 372.