A Poet He: a True Poet

By Anon

And here is George Sterling dead. A poet he: a true Poet. More a gentle, affectionate character with the cheerful heart of a an unselfish man. He was fastidious in his literary tastes, with little use fore free verse and no use at all for the fantastic stuff of the Gertrude Stein order. He has the true gentlemen's instinct which made him shun all lionizing, and he probably took as great pains to shun notoriety as others take to cultivate it. In a recent issue of the DEARBORN INDEPENDENT he was referred to as one of the modern poets who expressed in direct and simple style many of the questions that present themselves thoughtful men, and he was characteristically graceful in acknowledging the notice.

From: The I Read in the Papers column of The Dearborn Independent. January 8, 1927.