A Horoscope of George Sterling

By Mattie Lois Fest

It was written in the heavens at the time of the November lunation, and he who could read the stellar script read—that ere the moon waxed full a great soul would pass out. A soul—far famed—a poet, and he should go into mystery, either through liquid or poison and in secret.

Neptune, the planet that rules poets and poetry, liquids, poisons and secret things was high in the mid-heaven in the tenth house, the house of fame, in the sign of the Sun, Leo, which rules the heart, making a square to Saturn, the planet of death, from the sign of death, Scorpio, from the first house.

Into this first house, came the November lunation, in opposition to the planet Mars, whose nature can be summed up in one word—force, and square to Jupiter in the fourth house, which house represents the end of things.

And, before the Moon was full, George Sterling, poet, beloved of all who knew him or his work, passed to his Maker. The following quotation from Shakespeare seems to echo the condition of the year 1926.

"When the planets
In evil mixture, to disorder wander,
What plagues! and what portents! what mutiny!
What raging of the seas! shaking of the earth!
Commotion of the winds!"

which has been classed by astrologers as one of the worst in history—the cross of 1926—it is called as Jupiter has been in opposition to Neptune, Saturn in opposition to Mars and each square to each other during this year.

George Sterling was born in Long Island, New York, December 1, 1869, the time of day not being known, only the reading of the planets in signs can be given.

When fate shuffled the cards for George Sterling, she was not over kind in many ways, but she did hand him the card of genius, the power to dream unheard of dreams, dreams of the soul and the ability to give these inner visions voice.

He was born in the double bodied sign of Sagittarius, a mutable, fiery sign, the ninth of the Zodiac. It gives a just and honorable disposition, great activity of mind and body with a strange prophetic power, and no doubt George Sterling had the power to often make true predictions quite unexpectedly. He loved everything that was open and free, was kind-hearted and very sympathetic, but at times perhaps too impulsive. He had a love of liberty and freedom, dislike for a master, and would not be driven.

The ruling planet of this sign is benign Jupiter, the greater fortune.

The Moon in the sign Scorpio is not happily placed as it signifies attachments or attractions and difficulties with the opposite sex and inharmony in the marriage state. This was proven by his marriage to Miss Carrie Rand in 1900, when the Moon in his chart came to a conjunction with the planet Mars and Marsly progression had come to a conjunction with Venus. In 1915 he was divorced and at that time the Moon had come to conjunction with the planet Uranus in opposition to Venus.

Uranus in this chart is in opposition to Venus and this would bring unexpected tragedy in connection with his love affairs. It would cause him to be fascinated or in some way affected by the magnetism of those of the opposite sex who would be attracted to him. Sudden and unexpected disappointments would threaten him, and there would be sudden financial losses. This aspect would cause separation, divorce and many estrangements from friends and loved ones.

Four of his planets were in fire signs, giving him an abundance of energy and four planets in cardinal signs, and to the latter signs is due his creative genius and from the position of the Sun in trine aspect to Neptune. This favors the possibility of developing his spiritual faculties, for this intensified the spiritual vibrations in his aura, and enabled him to hear the harmony of the spheres and Mercury in conjunction with the Sun gave him the power to express it in magnificent verse.

When fated handed the sweet cup of genius to George Sterling, she also applied the whip lash of Saturn, Saturn the ponderous planet with his eleven Moons, for she bound his Sun to this planet of oppression, to Saturn the reaper, and he it was who said—time—and life's cord was cut.

Although Saturn is binding, he has his good qualities too, its position in Sagittarius gave him a philosophical, honest and fearless plain spoken personality. A dual life of popularity and seclusion. It gave him many friends, public friends and supporters. It gave him ability to create his own dignity and prophetic insight with regard to future welfare. It gave him death amid good surroundings.

The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn caused him at times to incur opposition, enmity and jealousy; his ambitions were frequently thwarted; but, all who have mounted the ladder of fame have found it a ladder of swords.

The position of Mars in Capricorn gave him honor and fame in his profession and as the only major aspect Mars makes is to Mercury this fame is indicated to come from writing and literary pursuits.

Venus in Capricorn tended to uplift him and place him in positions of trust. It gave him social and business popularity, friends of high standing and gain and advancement through them, but this position was also the cause of disappointment in love, domestic unhappiness, coldness or indifference on the part of his wife.

The planet Jupiter was in Taurus, giving a love of justice, a nature that is affectionate and generous, peaceful reserved and firm. There would be two conflicting desires in his heart, at times he would wish for long journeys, travels in foreign lands to broaden his vision, then again Jupiter in Taurus would give him a love of home, and no desire for any change.

The Moon was in trine aspect to Uranus and this gave him great originality and independence of the mind, which was quick, intuitive and very vivid in its imagination. This aspect tended to awaken the imaging faculties, and lead his mind into original lines.

The mystic planet Uranus was in Cancer and this indicated that he was sensitive and attuned to the psychic vibrations and capable of cultivating these powers. This was another indication of the cause of separation from his wife, as Uranus in Cancer when afflicted by Venus, would cause a chaotic condition in his home. This also would give him a tendency to nervous indigestion, as Cancer rules the stomach, and at times if gas had oppressed him it would crowd his heart, giving rise to the thought that he might have been suffering from heart disease.

Of the planet Neptune very little is known at present, but George Sterling was one of the few who was able to respond to its vibrations. Neptune in Aries filled him with religious enthusiasm, though perhaps not of the orthodox kind, but gave him an energy and ambition to push forward to the front rank in the line of thought that he espoused, and it brought him forward as a public character, beloved by all who were fortunate enough to have him call them—friend.

Not knowing the hour when Mr. Sterling was born all the foregoing deductions were derived from the planets in the signs and their aspects. As the houses in which the planets are placed form such an important feature of a horoscope, also the signs on the cusps of the houses affect the chart so materially, it is almost impossible to indicate what caused the death, after the person has passed beyond.

There is just one adverse aspect and that is, the Moon by progression has formed a conjunction with Saturn, and this would for the time being retard his progress, limit his actions, and bring him sorrowful and depressing experiences. It would make him brood and despond, looking upon the dark side of things. It is not a good position for health, and it always marks a critical stage in one's life. It is the beginning of changes that are to come, and in this life the changes came, not to be worked out on this sphere but on a higher plane.

The stars have spoken and the angel of mercy has taken the soul of George Sterling into its keeping.

Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine (1868-1935); Jan 1927, Vol LXXXV, Number 1; pg 27 and 30.